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Wheatland Farm

We are a full service training facility located in the heart of Arvonia, VA. Our training programs focus on the essence of each horse, as an individual, and the art of fundamentals, to provide the confidence and etiquette required to progress throughout their careers. 


Something to get excited about!

From starting to the show ring, the hunt field to the sales ring, and everywhere in between.  Whether you have a problem pony or want to create the right horse from scratch we are here to handle the hard part and get you where you want to be. Wherever that may be. 


Meet the trainer

Sarah Green, of northern Virginia, was born into the barn. She comes from a strong background of equestrians and, as such, has developed her skill sets in an array of different disciplines. Encompassing the full embodiment of the term equestrian she not only has the ability to ride into the extraordinaire but has the ability to understand the spirit and energy exuded from a horse. A horse is not just a horse, of course. Implementing this refined technique, she has been able to transform horses from all walks of life into healthy, happy, and suitable mounts.


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Sarah Green

  • Trainer

Wheatland Equine

1436 Diana Mill Road, Arvonia, Virginia 23004, United States

(540) 525-0693

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